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Are You Living Your Purpose?

Anyone else feel the intense energy around the New Year? I know that the holidays bring out an intensity all in themselves but this year felt especially pressure-filled. More than ever there is that feeling of living life on one’s own terms. As a whole, we are just tired of living a life that is less than exactly who we feel like we were born to be.

One of the core desire that all Empathic and Highly Sensitive People share is their desire to live a purposeful life. Now don’t get me wrong they still want to have all the joys of what this life has to offer but this life is also much more than acquiring stuff. We want to feel alive and like we are here for a reason.

In my one-on-one work with clients whenever I start a program I always ask them what they want and what are their goals. Without fail the big picture includes them sharing their gifts with the word. But more times than I can count this big heart-centered desire is wrapped up in a lot of self-doubts. And there’s a lot of feeling lost along the way. The good news is that I found a pattern and a common thread amongst us that will help you unravel what may have seemed to be an unseen force keeping you from your life’s work.

In this video, I describe the top 3 reasons why you haven’t found your purpose (or why you aren’t living it yet) and more importantly what to do about it!

You don’t need to spend your life in resistance to who you are and what you want to offer in the world.

Check out the video here >>> 3 Reason You Haven't Found Your Purpose Yet

Hope 2018 is off to a beautiful start!

If you are ready to break through your personal limitations and live a life of real purpose join me in a “what’s stopping you solution” session here >>> Yes Please!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Client Testimonial


Before working with Kristin I had experienced anxiety and panic attacks for about 15 years.  Even though I knew they were caused by a specific situation that happened I still had fear, restlessness, and anxiety.  After a few sessions, I’ve gotten my life back to where I was before all this happened.  And I now have the tools to diffuse anything in the future.



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