You Were Meant For So Much More


More love, more aliveness, more flow, more trust, more connection, more vibrant authentic joy...

As woman we are sometimes afraid to ask for more or even want more. We are afraid to take up space and have needs. We are afraid to feel into our hearts' desires and ask for the support we need.

This leads us to burnout and overwhelm.  We feel lost, and confused, and struggle to connect with our unique path. Often we create careers, lives, and relationships that don't feel completely satisfying and aligned to who we are.

But it doesn't have to be this way anylonger...

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It’s Time To Be Your Vibrant Radiant Self

This 5-day course is designed with your needs in mind.  You've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your inner feminine.

Embracing Your  Feminine Energy Will Set You Free

Have you ever put on clothes or shoes that didn't fit? How did that make you feel? Pretty uncomfortable right?

Yet most women are walking around the world trying to live a life that is completely out of alignment with their natural energy. We were taught to create, move, live, and love in ways that don't consider our unique design.

This unique design is what I call the feminine operating system.  When you know how to live life in the flow of this new operating system life feels more easeful, like wearing the right fitting clothes.  Life starts to reflect the energy that you bring to it and more joy, embodied confidence, and love is a result.



Understanding Your Feminine Energy Is Everything.

Learn how to:

  • Understand the wounded feminine
  • Connect with your body and heart
  • Support the feminine energy inside you with healthy masculine energy
  • Create balanced relationships
  • Live empowered by your feminine operating system

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before.

Day 1

Understand the feminine wounds that lead to the wounded feminine. This is the first step to heal once and for all.

Day 2

Learn what feminine energy is, what it isn't, and what the Divine (Healthy) Feminine looks like.

Day 3

The dangers and challenges of disconnecting from our feminine energy.  How our wounds effect our lives.

Day 4

Understanding how the masculine supports the feminine energy. This fundamentally shifts not only how we feel on the inside but improves the relationships we have with others.

Day 5

Learn how to live in alignment with more trust and surrendered presence. Learn to receive the desires of your heart with more grace and ease.

Learn at your pace

Start right away and feel the shifts. Embodying your powerful feminine energy is a felt experience, you don't have to wait to feel it for yourself today.


I help women heal their feminine wounding and step into their empowered feminine energy so they can attract more love, trust their path, and live a more pleasurable life.

Most people who know me now wouldn't believe that I had major resistance to being a woman and a feminine being for most of my life.  I saw it as a drawback and something to fight against.

My journey to self-love and self-accpetance took me on a path to not only embrace my feminine energy but see it as a superpower. When we as women understand and live in alignment with this powerful energy everything in our lives improves.

"This process has catapulted me to a level of understanding I never knew possible. You’re the best!"

Natasha L

"Kristin not only guided me to a better choice for myself but also helped me to see how much bigger I could think. She helped me move out of frustration into alignment with who I am"

Sheridan Semple, Shamanic Astrologer

Ready to Free Your Feminine?


This course is right for you if...

  • You're tired of struggling and want to feel more ease and flow in your life
  • You're ready to stop the cycle of attracting partners who don't understand how to show up in their healthy masculine.
  • You want to embody more confidence and power but not lose your feminine magic.
  • You desire to open your heart to more love and joy.
  • You believe life is meant to be abundant and fulfilling.
  • You know that your deepest desires were meant for you, but you may need a little help getting there.



Everyone’s journey is different. Online Courses give you the freedom to learn at your own pace:

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  • Immediate access to all 5 modules
  • Over 65 minutes of videos content
  • PDF Handouts, practices, and journal prompts
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